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At Antropy, we are passionate about a world of permission-less participation, intelligent decision-making, and the inclusion of voices. 

Antropy empowers individuals inside organizations to make or support consequential decisions about new policies, strategies or investments, as a group, without relying on leaders to decide on their behalves.

As the world evolves, people – be they citizens, owners and residents in condos, employees in large companies, policy makers or business owners – increasingly witness the limitations of industrial era decision-making norms and structures in responding to the challenges and opportunities that tomorrow’s world presents. Consequently, people across all spectrums of society want to input more directly into the creation of policies, programs, services and products that impact them. 


In tomorrow’s world, people will increasingly assume greater responsibility for their personal and professional well-being and consequently will demand to better understand what factors and forces influenced certain decisions and will scrutinize the reasoning evermore closely.  


In a world fueled by data, where AI and robotics technologies, sensors and IoT largely move society forward, transparency, speed, and diversity of thought in decision-making will also be critical factors for staying relevant and competitive.  


As technologies advance and economic pressures converge, organisations prepared to evolve - to leverage collective intelligence, empower permission-less contribution, enshrine immutable transparency, merit and autonomy over organisational limitations, hierarchies, and positions, will survive and thrive. Antropy exists to support these kinds of organisations, and will accelerate their path to becoming future compatible.  ​