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Updating Society's Organizational Tools


ABOUT Antropy

Antropy is an technology platform offering companies, organisations, communities, and cities a suite of tools to support distributed and decentralized management.


Tools include AI-augmented proposal tabling and intelligent decision-support, collective budgeting, project management, and dispute resolution.   


Antropy exists to help fuel a world of smarter, more inclusive decision-making, greater individual autonomy, distribution of power, and organizational self-management.



A modern day suggestion box: helping people create great proposals with AI and helping organizations make better decisions through collective intelligence and anonymisation.


A judicial system for the internet era. 

Crowdjury is an online platform that crowdsources judicial proceedings: filing of complaints, evaluation of evidence, trial and jury verdict – providing justice without lawyers or courthouses. 

Crowdjury's algorithms are optimized to reach a true verdict for each case, quickly and at minimal cost.